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Why Renters Insurance is Important

Recent news of natural disasters has caused many people to have flood and homeowners insurance on their minds. The first time people usually consider insurance is health insurance or because the law requires us to have car or homeowners insurance. One type of insurance that is often skipped over is renters insurance. Renters insurance is not required by the law but is equally as important.Many landlords do not require you to have renters insurance, but it is necessary to have. Damage by wind to the rented property is obviously covered by the landlord, but what about you’re personal items inside that were also damaged in the storm? Along with covering the damages of your personal possessions renters insurance also provides temporary housing for you in the provisional period after your residence has been damaged. This insurance not only protects you and your belongings, it also covers liability or damage you may cause to others. For example if someone slips and is injured inside of you home, you are liable not your landlord.Everyone at one point or another will rent an apartment and most tenants do not have renters insurance. Most people are not even aware of the concept and therefore they never think of getting it. With that said it is still a very important thing to have and could potentially save you huge amounts of money with the multi-policy discount you would receive on other policies. If you are currently renting an apartment or house there is no better time then now to start your policy.