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Introduction To Rattan Furniture

Wicker furniture is one of the most famous outdoor types of furniture. It can be used as indoor and outdoor furniture. It looks very attractive and gives a warm feeling. It is durable, practical and can easily be maintained. It is popular because of being comfortable and attractive. Wicker furniture is quite versatile. This type of furniture comes in variety of shapes, sizes and colors. A wide range of tastes suits wicker. It can perfectly be fit with any design. Wicker becomes so incredible because of the unique way of its production. Plant fibers are the main derivatives of wicker. These fibers become strong and hard after being properly treated. Only then can they be used for making the furniture.These fibers are produced from many plants like bamboo, reeds, rattan and willows. Synthetic fibers are stronger and more durable than plant fibers. Synthetic fibers are also used for making wicker. Desired piece of furniture comes as a result of weaving the fibers. The most popular type of wicker furniture is Rattan wicker furniture. Rattan is a kind of plant which is similar to bamboo but the difference lies in its stems. It is a kind of palm that grows in Africa, Asia and Australia. Rattan stems are stronger because they are solid; however, the stems of bamboo are hollow. That is why; rattan is more durable than other natural materials. It becomes an ideal choice for the outdoor furniture because it can withstand the natural forces. Addition of another layer of varnish on the wicker furniture keeps it protected.It can also maintain its natural color. You will be able to paint the furniture according to the existing design in the room. One can easily maintain the wicker furniture by regular dusting with a cotton or soft cloth and wash it with mild detergent and water once or twice a year. Rattan wicker furniture is high-end furniture which can be used in the home or the garden. It is available in various parts of the globe because of its modern and traditional styles. Rattan is a vine which has been used for making furniture for hundreds of years.In cold conditions, the vine is quite inflexible and tough. It becomes malleable when heat is directly applied to the vine. When the heat is removed, its new shape is returned to the hard inflexible state. Because of these characteristics; vine has become famous for furniture construction for several years.Rattan wicker furniture is durable and long-lasting. It is good to use this furniture for indoor as well as for outdoor. It will be uncomfortable to sit for long hours without cushions on the wicker rattan furniture. The furniture becomes expensive due to traditional techniques of construction. Natural rattan furniture is constructed with hardwood frames. The style of natural rattan furniture is traditional and not complex.